Fish Sandwich….$6.95
fresh fish breaded and deep-fried on a bulky
with coleslaw
Best of the Wurst….$6.95
grilled bratwurst & knockwurst served on sauerkraut

Grilled BBQ Chicken Sandwich….$6.50
on a bulky roll with lettuce and tomato
Tuna Melt….$6.50
tuna salad on homemade bread, topped
with freshtomatoes and cheese
The Salutatorian….$6.50
the classic reuben onpumpernickel
Most Popular….$6.95
shaved prime rib & cheese sandwich with
sautéedonions and mushrooms

Most Likely….$6.50
ham, mushrooms, broccoli, tomato & Swiss cheese
baked and served in its own casserole
Class Bully….$6.95
sliced ham and turkey served open-faced, baked with
bleu cheese, tomato, provolone cheese and topped with sprouts
Teacher’s Pet….$6.50
grilled pastrami on rye with provolone cheese & mustard
The Valedictorian….$6.95
thinly-sliced roast beef served open faced on homemade bread
baked with bacon, tomato, cheese and italian herbs
Extra Credit….with your choice of salad dressing, add $.25
The Best Looking….$5.50
fresh tomato and spinach served open-faced on homemade
bread, baked with cheese and topped with sprouts and
Extra Credit….add your choice of roast beef,
ham, turkey or tuna…..$1.50
The Elementary Burger….$5.95
a large juicy burger on a bulky roll with lettuce, tomato,
and onion.
Extra Credit… add cheese $.30
… add bacon $.50
The Trouble Maker….$12.95
full rack of baby-back pork ribs with
BBQ sauce
The College Prep….$8.95
tender steak tips marinated in our own
teriyaki sauce
Class Clown….$6.50
triple-decker club sandwich with your
choice of turkey, ham, roast beef or tuna
your choice of beef or chicken, rolled in a
tortilla with our special refried beans,
topped with melted cheese and
served with salsa
flour tortilla rolled around your choice of beef, chicken, or
vegetables, deep-fried and topped with salsa, cheese, lettuce,
tomato, and black olives
grilled peppers and onions with your choice of beef or
chicken, served with tortillas, cheese and salsa

All fine Arts Courses are served with French fries.
Open 11:30 am Daily
Serving Lunch & Dinner until 10:00 pm
(11:00 pm Friday & Saturday)
“Pub Sandwiches” until Midnight