The casino is an industry which generates a lot of money every year. Casinos have expansive financial planning /accounting departments to manage the billions of money generated each year.

Working in the casino industry requires paying attention to every detail. For you to fit in this field, you are required to have exceptional mathematics skills as well as organizational ability. Most of the employees who work in the casino have some college education, especially in business or accounting. The casino is an exciting industry which offers tons of jobs to many people. These jobs arrange from bartenders, food service professionals, slot technicians, entertainers, accountants and many others.

Casinos also hire hostesses and hoists, product managers, marketing personnel, talent managers, service field technicians, service representatives, VIP managers, client care managers, and floor supervisors. One can also act as a “pit boss” in the casinos. This is the person who deals with different dealers at once who are dealing with different games which are happening simultaneously. A pit boss is one of the most prestigious positions in this industry. This is the person who is responsible for catching the different situations instantly and rotating the dealers to ensure that problems do not occur. It is such an interesting career.



Accounting is one of the main departments in casinos. It is responsible for handling bank reconciliations, preparing statements, paying payrolls and taxes as well as handling other budgetary concerns. Some of the typical positions in this department include internal auditor, assistant controller, payroll specialist, planning manager, general ledger specialist, accounts payable specialist, staff accountant, and income control specialist.

Support stuff

This includes the support personnel who work in the various departments. They include secretaries, book keepers, and other entry-level positions.



Some of the entertainers who are closely associated with this industry include incredible magicians, dazzling dancers, and showgirls, top-name singers. Casino owners are always looking for celebrity shows and production numbers with the aim of drawing more people into their gaming activities and establishments. Apart from the standard long-running shows and revues, there are other promotions and events which are handled by this department. Any person who has a good background in communications, public relations, music theatre or dance can get a job in the entertainment department. The main jobs in the department include audio technicians, state managers, lighting technicians, box office agents, audio technicians, wardrobe personnel, and promotions coordinators.

Beverage and food department jobs

These are the entry level jobs that are available in this department. One can work as a cocktail server, host and hostess, banquet server, dish washer, bus attendants, bar porters, and waiter. Jobs entailing delivering beverages and foods to customers are quite lucrative. Applicants should have the ability to move quickly. Besides, they should be in good shape and well fit.